Bigger, Better and Bolder – Jefe Style.


For That Extra Bit of Added Greatness In Life.

Suit up and put your best foot forward because El Jefe has arrived. Topping your pizza just got a whole new meaning to it and Jefe Style is here to level up your pizza game.

So what is Jefe Style?

It’s that bit of extra pizza topping, your pizza has been missing. Patron toppings are so savory and mouthwatering, you always crave more with every bite and who could blame you. Looking for something a little more picante? Order a Jalapeño pizza Jefe style. Want to add a little more pep in your step, pepperoni pizza Jefe Style is the solution for you. Jefe Style is that little bit of extra magic added on any pizza your heart desires. So in other terms, Jefe Style is 54 slices of heavenly goodness, for only $1 extra dollar. In this case, more is definitely better so be bold and order your next Patrón pizza Jefe Style.


Jefe style is more flavor by adding EXTRA CHEESE and MORE of your Favorite Topping to any large 1-topping pizza.