It’s Time to Celebrate National Pizza Day Patrón Style.

Because Today Was Made For Pizza Lovers Everywhere.
Any Large Specialty Pizza $8.99. One Day Only Carry-Out Deal. All Day on February 9th. 

Today is more than just a day to snap a pic of a slice or two and #NationalPizzaDay, sure it looks great on social media but it’s so much more than that. It’s a day to indulge on your favorite food of all time, Pizza and let’s admit probably the only food that holds a special place in everyone’s heart. And if you have a friend who thinks otherwise, you should probably think about getting new friends. Because nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life.

We aren’t like your other boring pizza chains that try and keep your creativity in a box :). We spice things up when it comes to ordering at one of our restaurants. As you can see from our specialty pizza list below, we took the liberty of crafting up an assortment of unique Latin-inspired specialty pizzas that have been an all-time favorite since we first opened our doors.

But don’t feel like you have to order one of our specialty pizzas only, we mean it when we say that we craft pizzas as unique as your flavor. You can choose to customize your pizza with one of our Pizza Sharing Hacks and make each half a specialty to your liking. Whatever your craving, our Pizza Pros have you covered.

And in case you didn’t know we are also in the business of making your pizza dreams come true one topping at a time. So loosen up that belt buckle or put on your favorite stretchy pants, order up and dig in. No judgments, no diet, just endless flavor, and pizza all day long. Happy National Pizza Day from one Patrón to another. We Are Latin Inspired. Flavor For All.