Pizza Patrón introduces fresh ingredients with '¡Es Calidad!' campaign

Chain raises pizza quality but not pizza prices

DALLAS  — May 01, 2012 -¡Es Calidad! (It’s quality) is the new campaign rolled out today by Pizza Patrón.  ‘¡Es Calidad!’ is the company’s new fresh ingredients menu strategy that centers on dough made fresh every morning, whole milk mozzarella cheese, garden fresh vegetables and the company’s signature pizza sauce made from fresh-packed Roma tomatoes.

Company officials say that although fresh ingredients will be added to the menu at every location, pizza prices will remain at their same low every day, value.

“The fresh-cut vegetables add new depths of flavor, freshness and quality to our pizzas,” said Andrew Gamm, Pizza Patrón brand director. “When we make important business decisions at our company, we often ask ourselves ‘What would the Patrón do?’  In this case, the answer was simple–if it means more value and a better experience for our customers, the Patrón would do it every time.”

Gamm went on to tout the quality of the company’s fresh, never frozen dough and its signature tomato sauce that marinates in a secret blend of spices and herbs for at least 24 hours before using.  The commitment to quality also ensures pizzas are made with 100% real cheese and contain zero trans fat.

“The best pizzas are hand-crafted from start to finish and use only the best ingredients.  Our brand promise is ‘Más Pizza. Menos Dinero.®’ so nothing is as important to us as our commitment to quality and value.” Gamm explained.

Pizza Patrón is headquartered in Dallas with 106 locations in 8 states and more than 80 under development.


About Pizza Patrón

Since 1986, Pizza Patrón has been committed to making its promise of “Más Pizza. Menos Dinero.®” a reality for every customer.  From the beginning, the brand has been recognized for its ‘fresh-dough’ pizza, its low prices and its trademark “friendly, bicultural service.”  In 2007, the company drew international media attention with its PIZZA POR PESOS® program when it began accepting Mexican Pesos at all of its restaurants.  In 2012, the company’s PIZZA POR FAVOR™ promotion that gave free pizzas to anyone who ordered in Spanish sparked international news coverage and lively debate throughout the U.S.  Today, Pizza Patrón is the nation’s premier Latino pizza brand and remains dedicated to bringing its unique experience to life with every pizza made, and in every community it serves.


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