Puro San Antonio Life

The life you’ve been craving.

Puro San Antonio, Puro Flavor is our declaration of celebrating the authenticity, beauty, culture and creativity that San Antonio and Pizza Patrón embody when the two are fused together. To be Puro San Antonio we must have Puro Flavor. To live up to the most authentic flavors that embody the Latin culture and serve the communities that we have been deeply rooted in since Pizza Patrón first opened their doors. At Pizza Patrón we are all about Latin-inspired flavor from the newest Latin hit playing on the radio you hear the moment you walk into our stores, down to the fresh toppings you chose when you create your own pizza. It is a place where you have the freedom to create your own flavor and truly let your inner Patrón/Patróna shine through. A place that is HOME.

We have heard the chants echoing in streets of San Antonio when the Spurs win the playoffs and the entire familia piles in the trucks to go parading downtown and down Military Drive. At the Market Square or La Villita during Fiesta and even in our own backyards when our padres and tios start rallying up the whole family up at the bar-b-que yelling, “Puro P*% Spurs, Puro San Antonio”.These are the sounds that mean, This is HOME. The phrases that mean family, culture and a deep understanding that these are our Latin Roots and we couldn’t be more proud. Those same hometown feelings come rushing in the moment take the first step into one of our Pizza Patrón stores. The very same stores that are located in the neighborhoods that we have called home our entire life and will always call HOME.

Flavor speaks volumes and Pizza Patron is the place to satisfy those Latin flavors that seem to be so deeply craved, whether one is feeling a little spicy, then the Choriqueso is melted perfection of mozzarella cheese and spicy chorizo on a warm golden baked crust. Or maybe feeling a little on the sweeter side, the Hawaiana is an all-time favorite for those who are a, pineapple on pizza kind of person. The Hawaiana seems to spark up a bit of playful controversy when trying to solve the infamous debate on whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not. You are either all in or all out and we can’t get enough of the passion that is exuberated when discussing a topping, because in San Antonio flavor speaks volumes and we are all about the Puro Flavor.